AmonAvis and their French Reviews

Maybe you already heard of BritainReviews, the website that allows you to write independent reviews about almost any company. But did you know there is now a French version of this website? That website is AmonAvis. But do you really know what to do with it? How does it work? What can you do on this website? How does a review help you and other customers? Why would you write such a review? Can you trust the other reviews that are posted on this review website? And how do companies benefit from putting themselves out like that? These questions are logical questions to ask when you encounter a website such as AmonAvis. Therefore, we would like to clarify some things for you. Here, you can read all about this review website and what you can do with it. Maybe this will also encourage you to write your own review.


What is AmonAvis?
AmonAvis is a review website. It’s part of Reviews International, the same company that also hosts NederlandReview, BritainReviews and US-Reviews. The people behind AmonAvis collect all kinds of companies such as webshops, restaurants, services, car rental companies and more. Each company gets its own page. You can read a bit about the company and, of course, what other people have to say about this company. After all, the main part of the page is reserved for reviews written by real customers. The reviews are uncensored, so customers can write down their every thought – within reason, of course. Positive, negative, lukewarm, it does not matter as long as the review is genuine and the language is civil.


What Reviews can Do
So, AmonAvis collects reviews; French reviews, to be exact. You can use the search engine on the website to search for any French company to see if the insurance company or car dealer has been placed on AmonAvis. Via a review, you can reward a company for providing you with great customer services. But you can also warn other people for a financial company that does not make good on its promises and charges more interest than originally thought. You can also read reviews yourself and see which company is the most reliable regarding products, customer services, delivery services and prices. After all, customers that already have experiences with a diet or other food company are the best judges. They are the best people to tell you about what a telecom company of energy supplier is really like. They can help you to feel a little bit more comfortable when hiring a gardener or prevent you from making the mistake of choosing the wrong loan.


What’s in it for Companies?
As mentioned above, companies like their potential customers to know that they can be trusted. If potential customers see that other customers reward a holiday provider or online shop with good ratings, they are more likely to trust this shop and buy their products.


Of course, you’re free to leave your own review. In French, of course. After all, we want the whole country to be able to read what you think.